Aroundtown’s long-term corporate success is crucially dependent on its employees’ skills, expertise, and well-being. The company thus aspires to be an employer of choice for a broad range of highly qualified international professionals. Attracting, developing, and retaining excellent employees stand in direct relation to our ability to generate attractive value. In addition to recruiting top-tier talent, the company is committed to investing in the continuing development of its human capital and fostering potential.


A working environment that is based on equal opportunities for all forms the basis of all our operations. Aroundtown further strives to promote a corporate culture that not only respects diversity but leverages the synergies it creates for both the company’s and employees’ mutual success. Maintaining high standards of health and safety in the workplace are a matter of course throughout. Aroundtown has a wide array of policies, operating guidelines, and monitoring systems in place to ensure this vision is a lived reality.


The group has implemented a Employee Code of Conduct which needs to be signed by each employee since 2009.


Aroundtown is a signatory of the German Diversity Charter. The German Diversity Charter is a corporate initiative that promotes diversity in companies and institutions.

Frankfurt am Main (Eschborn)